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Aasimar are planetouched beings: children of humans, who manifest celestial heritage from generations past. Their ancestors vary in type, from trumpet archons to couatls to servants of deities and whatever else inhabits the good-aligned planes. Aasimar generally have one distinguishing feature which sets them apart from normal people. These are related to the kind of outsider they descend from, and include traits such as silver hair, emerald skin, small feathers somewhere on their body, small patches of iridescent scales or a strong, clear voice.

Aasimar are rare and therefore have no society of their own. They are regarded as strange outsiders in most places, which can be very frustrating to aasimar who just wish to blend in. Many have become cautious and distant towards humans because of this, and get along better with other half breeds, such as half-elves. Due to their heritage, most aasimar feel the pull of the divine strongly, and become clerics, or paladins if their ancestor was a lawful creature. Even those who stick to mundane careers are usually compelled to do good by their very nature. Evil aasimar, disappointed and embittered by how lesser beings treat them, are not completely unheard of.

Most aasimar on Faerûn trace their bloodlines to the incarnations of Mulhorandi deities and their noble offspring. Through marriage, the blood of Mulhorandi deities spread far and wide. It's common for these aasimar to serve the deity they descend from, and to feel affection for the type of animal that symbolizes their deific ancestor. There are more aasimar in Mulhorand, Unther and Chessenta than anywhere else on Toril, as aasimar with different descent are relatively random cases with no common origin.

Aasimar tend toward Good alignments.

Air Genasi

Air Genasi are the descendants of Djinn or Air Elementals, along with other planar creatures of air. Faerûnian Air Genasi tend to come from Calimshan, where the Djinn once ruled. Others often come from the Plane of Air out of a desire to explore.

Air Genasi are wild, free spirits, refusing to be contained in any manner. Exceptionally proud of their heritage, often times well into arrogance, the Air Genasi see themselves as above most mortals, though the one who gains an Air Genasi's companionship often as a friend for life. The Air Genasi often embodies the traits of a wild, free roaming Elf, and, along with their other personality traits, Air Genasi often find themselves getting along well with Elvenkind. Emotionally charged like Fire Genasi, Air Genasi are prone to mood swings and unpredictability, and tend towards the Chaos end of the Law/Chaos spectrum. Their language, Auran, sounds like the wind whistling through the air, severity depending on the emotions and words being expressed.

Not breathing, grey and light blue skin or hair, light colored eyes, hair that looks to be eternally disheveled or windblown, mysterious breezes surrounding them, and unnaturally well-carrying voices are some of the traits that embody Air Genasi.

Air Genasi tend slightly toward Chaotic alignments.