Skill Changes

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Changed Skills[edit | edit source]

These skills are modified from their default implementations.

Appraise[edit | edit source]

Appraise affects the buy/sell prices of merchants to a certain margin. Take your Appraise skill (ranks + buffs) divided by three with a cap of 15. Thus you can get up to 15% discount. (Racial Bonuses from 1.69 Amia do not apply at this time.)

In numbers: Discount at shops = ( Appraise / 3 ) %, in which ( Appraise / 3 ) cannot be more than 15. This means that the highest Appraise score you need to cap the merchant discounts will be 45 points (gear can be used to reach this).

Pickpocket[edit | edit source]

The Pickpocket skill no longer functions as normal on Amia. See here for a full description of how Pickpocket works on our server.