Player Shout Commands

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Functions are shown as f_Function [argument1][argument2]. Options are separated by commas, and ranges are given by the minus sign. You can use 'help' or '?' as the first argument to get a detailed explanation of a function. The function name and the first argument are case-insensitive.


/s ?


/s help

f_plain[edit | edit source]

Toggles on and off plain chat colors (no colors)

f_Bio [R,B,N,A][Text][edit | edit source]

Use this to edit your bio.


If you use[R]evert you set the bio back to the character creation version, you can leave [Text] open. [B]reak adds a linebreak (return) to the end of your current bio, you an leave [Text] open. [N]ew overwrites current bio with [Text] and adds a space to the end. [A]dd appends to the current bio with [Text] and a space.


/s f_Bio Add Stop metagaming!

This adds 'Stop metagaming' to your current bio.

f_Voice [C,F,S,D,B][Text][edit | edit source]

Use this to make companions, familiars, summons, dominated or bottled-champions say things.

Options: [C]ompanion [F]amiliar [S]ummon [D]ominated [B]ottled-champion


/s f_Voice F Donkey kong

This makes your familiar say 'Donkey Kong'.

f_examine [hide,rclaw,lclaw,bite,hand][edit | edit source]

Examine your creature hide.

f_hostile[edit | edit source]

This command will hostile the whole server, that is not in your party.

f_friend[edit | edit source]

This command will make the server friendly to you.

f_playertools[edit | edit source]

This command will get you the playertools. These tools can be hotslotted to control your summoned creatures.

f_fetch[edit | edit source]

This will bring your summoned creatures to you.

f_stuck[edit | edit source]

This will send you somewhere in the area if your get stuck on something and don't have or don't want to use a recall stone. Only works in areas with monster spawns at the moment.