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While Amia does not support a language system, languages are intrinsically a part of the day-to-day roleplay.

As there are no mechanical limitations that determine how and which languages your character can know, players are expected to self-enforce their own limitations tastefully. It would be entirely normal to expect an elven druid to speak all Common, Druid, and Elven naturally, or a water genasi to know Aquan, as well as most wizards to know Draconic.

Usually, a character speaking in a different language will suffix a [Language] before their words. For example: "[Draconic] I too, speak the tongue of magic, witch!".

Languages by Race[edit | edit source]

  • Elves: Elven
  • Drow: Drow
  • Dwarves: Dwarven
  • Halflings: Hinnish
  • Gnomes: Gnomish
  • Giants: Giant
  • Goblinoids: Goblin
  • Orcs: Orcish
  • Deep Imaskari: Roushoum
  • Fey and magical beasts: Sylvan
  • Dragons and kobolds: Draconic
  • Demons and abyssal tieflings: Abyssal
  • Devils and hellish tieflings: Infernal
  • Angels and aasimars: Celestial
  • Firey creatures and fire genasi: Ignan
  • Watery creatures and water genasi: Aquan
  • Earthly creatures and earth genasi: Terran
  • Airy creatures and air genasi: Auran

Language by Profession[edit | edit source]

  • Wizards: Draconic
  • Sorcerer: Whatever resonates with their bloodline
  • Dragon Disciples: Draconic - rarely: Their elemental language
  • Druid: Druid (secret language exclusive to druids)
  • Divine classes: Celestial, Abyssal, or Infernal, according the nature of their patron.

Languages by Geography[edit | edit source]

  • Underdark: Undercommon
  • Kara-Tur: Kara-turan (any of the region)