Dream Coin System

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The Dream Coin System is a method to reward players for their interactive roleplay or participation in larger events.

DMs will hand out one dream coin in occasions - sometimes secretly-, as they spot players creating interesting situations and partaking in them according the nature of their own characters.

Dream Coins have 2 uses:

In the game, players may use their Dream Coin rod to check how many coins they have at their disposal, and choose if they want to consume one of them to gain immediately one level worth of full experience (calculated according their current level), and 1000gp*level. After level 20, the cost doubles to 2 DCs per level. 
Outside the game, players may request cool features for their characters in the request forum. The use, nature and complexity of these features varies greatly, so reading the sticky threads and the request guidelines is paramount to understanding what would be feasible and doable to request, to what would be impossible, for mechanical, or balance reasons.