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Amia[edit | edit source]


Southport and Frontier's Rest[edit | edit source]

Thumb 1) Library
2) The Wave and Serpent, The Lamp

Southport is what remains of the old city of Cordor. It was flooded due to some catastrophe, but I honestly didn't investigate much.
I believe the Port itself is the biggest on Amia and sailors there will take you almost anywhere.
Outside of that, Library is the only place I've taken interest in.
Note to myself: Look what you can find in the library

Frontier's Rest is really peculiar area. Most of it looks like a typical farming village, with the exception of The Wave and Serpent (Adventuring Guild & Inn).
This place is well organised and provides various services - renting rooms, various merchandises, maps, some sort of banking (?) and even a Mythal Forge.

One thing I almost forgot to mention. In front of The Wave and Serpent stands something locals call "The Lamp". Seems like a gnomish device, not sure why it stands there. Sliding it's lens into correct spots allows to open a portal to Trumvir. There are many similar Lamps on Amia and surrounding islands.

Frontier[edit | edit source]

3) Goblin Caverns (Underriver)
4) Orc Caverns (Underriver)
5) Darkhold

Lands in between The Dale and Southport.
Bramble Woods to the west and Skull Peaks' foothills to the east.
Main road is mostly safe.

This region seems to be contested by various lesser monsters - goblins, kobolds and gibberlings.
Orc activity is more present to the north.
None of them seems to be particularly dangerous.
They all live in various cavern and tunnels, but only two of them hold any "value".


Goblin and Orc caverns connects to the Underpassage and deeper - to the Underriver. Later on I will mention any other locations that also allow to get there. Note to myself: Goblin caves looks like a mine, check later if any deposits or veins are still resourceful

Finally, one of the more interesting locations - Darkhold. It's full of Skalatons and Shadow Demons. Currently in ruins, though there are signs of sacrificial runes and magic involved. Tons of dead bodies. Big library in poor condition, couldn't check if holding anything of value. Found a portal to Negative Energy Demiplane. Remember about Shadow Shield! Huge crater inside the Demiplane. Can sense unnatural aura. Something was held prison here?

East Coast[edit | edit source]

Thumb 6) Hollow Cavern (Underriver)

Many sandy beaches.
Many undead, not sure where they're coming from. Darkhold seems too far.
Note to myself: History of this place, why there are undead here?
Only one notable place - Hollow Cavern.
First of all, it connects to the Underriver, and thus to Goblin, Orc and Troll Caves.
Also I've found ruins of drow city, Ultrinnan.
Did not investigated these, doubt there is anything of value.

Skull Peaks[edit | edit source]

7) Troll Caverns (Underriver)
8) Portal to Shadow Plane
9) Crouching Lemur Monastery
10) Ruins of Glorag Mur
11) Cave at the Summit

Huge mountain chain.
Lots of trolls and other giants.
Troll Caves connects to the Underriver.
Portal leading to the Shadow Plane works both ways and is safe to use. Exits at the city of Shadowscape.

Crouching Lemur Monastery doesn't hold much value, but it's worth noting it's existance.

Ruins of Glorag Mur are dwarven in origin. They were a hideout for some sort of (gnomish?) arcanist.
Lots of magical constructs, hostile. Huge workshop, probably still functional.

Cave at the Summit is not easy to find, nor get inside. Bunch of Mephits probably are not the first inhabitants (signs of living quarters, installed doors and beds)
There are remains of huge Idol of Tiamat. This place most likely been purposely destroyed.
Lower levels aren't accessible. There are lava pits and someone placed massive runic gate I can't get through.

Only a short mention. Town of Ridgewood exists east of Skull Peaks.
Nearby Timberwoods hold nothing of value.

Silent Bay and Actand[edit | edit source]

Thumb 12) Kampo's Storehouse
13) Temple of Salandra

Kampo's Storehouse welcomes ALL sorts of people. Quite sure you'd hear any information or rumor there.
One of the last, somewhat safe, places to rest before going up north.

South of Kampo's is small Shrine of Eilistraee. Nothing of interest.

Salandran Temple is quite secluded and peaceful.
Mentioning it in case I need a good healer.

To the east of Silent Bay lies Actand's cliffs.
Bunch of cultists live there, obsessed with Bastion Wars between celestial beings and fiends.
They are seeking artifacts (?) but I've found nothing of interest.

Amia Forest[edit | edit source]

14) Oakmist Vale Grove
15) Elven Ruins

Many wild animals and giant spiders, though I wouldn't dare to hunt too many, since there is nearby Druid Circle (Oakmist Vale Grove).
I did not entered it. This place doesn't feel comfortable and probably doesn't hold any value to me.

There are many ruins around the Forest. One seemed quite interesting.
Though currently inhabited by some Orc tribe, there are elven writings on the walls.
Sadly, I do not know Espruar script. Maybe one day someone will decipher them for me.

Lands of the Beasts and Ruins of the Holy City[edit | edit source]

Thumb 16) Cave of Beastmen
17) Ruins of the Holy City
18) Blue Lagoon

Traveling north, beyond the Crystal River is not that safe anymore.
Most of these territories belong to Beastmen.
DO NOT make the same mistake again, do not explore their Cave.
It's extremely difficult to navigate. Whole place reeks of their presence.
Not to mention there are underground rivers or water and lava, making it unbearably humid and hot environment.

Ruins of the Holy City (Kohlingen) are swarming with undead.
Half of the City is still burning. Cataract of Fire? Daltim's fiery tentacles? Daltim's Everlasting fire?
I do not know what magic was used exactly.
Difficult to navigate.
One of The Lamps is located here.

There is an underground passage leading from the Ruins to the Blue Lagoon.
Small settlement, mostly made up from bandits, smugglers and pirates.
There is a small tower on the outskirts of Blue Lagoon belonging to the witch of some sorts.
Not sure why, but you can find an active portal inside the tower, leading to some jungle areas.
Note to myself: What is this place?

Quagmire and the North Coast[edit | edit source]

19) Lizardfolk Mercenary Camp
20) Cave to the Underport
Quagmire swamps are not pleasant. Period.
Two tribes of Lizardfolk lives here. One is very aggressive. Occupies most of the swamps and nearby Temple of Sseth (nothing of interest).
Other tribe isn't hostile and forms some sort of mercenary camp. You can find there an entrance to the caves, leading to The Underport.
From there, boats to Udos Dro'xun are available (and again - to many other places I've mentioned. You can literally sail from south to the north via Underriver. It's amazing.).

I feel I should at least mention Winya Ravana, and elven settlement north of Crystal River.
Elves there claimed to be from Evermet, but did not let me inside.

West Coast[edit | edit source]

Thumb 21) Fort Cystana
22) Abandoned Ruins
23) Moonpier
24) "Burning" Crypt

Sadly I couldn't explore Fort Cystana. By the look of it, I doubt they'd welcome my kind.

Abandoned Ruins are peculiar. Signs of living quarters, now haunted by undead and spirits.
Room layout doesn't make much sense, what was it's purpose?
Found a chamber with multiple magical golem parts. One end of these Ruins connects to Inland Hills.
Suspecting gnomes' old hideout.
Note to myself: Check if you can recreate golems

Moonpier is half-ruined fishing village.
One of The Lamps is located here.
Nothing of interest.

Burning Crypt is memorable, since you don't encounter permanently burning undead skeletons everyday.
Many runic symbols on the ground, clearly work of an arcanist.
Not sure the purpose, doubt it's worth investigating.

Malarfang Forest and south[edit | edit source]

25) Malarfang Forest
26) Troglodyte Ruins (Underriver)
27) Lighthouse

Malarfang Forest holds many intriguing secrets.
For one, there are ruins of Udos Dro'xun. The oldest drow city on Amia.
This HUGE cavern complex, going deep into the Underdark splits into three parts.
You can travel to the Underriver (again), Duergar Hold and Beholder Lairs.
Duergar Hold is a waste of time. Some mines, few bookcases written in unknown script. Primitive sacrificial altar.
Sadly I couldn't explore Beholder Lairs. These aberrations might hold some secrets, who knows.
Note to myself: Get some help killing Beholders, explore

A bit deeper into the Forest is ruined tower of some sort, along with a portal to Abyss, Zanshibon.
Seems to be reliably working both ways (luckily!)
Whole Forest is swarming with Malarites. They do have a Temple of Malar, but it's a waste of time.
Primitive beasts.

Lastly, a weird Electric Castle exists there. A maze really, and a dangerous one.
Wouldn't dare to explore it further alone.
Note to myself: INVESTIGATE

Lowland Swamps are nasty.
I forced myself to explore Troglodyte Ruins, finding that they also connect to the Underriver.
Seems like all Southport's sewage travels to Lowlands. I've spotted few grates, possibly leading to sewers.
Will NOT explore them though. My curiosity has it's limits.

Finally, a Lighthouse at the Cap Slakh.
Abandoned, probably due to nearby spiders.
Great view and some useful maps inside.
Secluded, great spot to think honestly.

Ruathym[edit | edit source]

Ruathym, Ostland[edit | edit source]

Map of the part of Ostland Jarldom.
There are few settlements - Osthavn, Ostdur, Havskar and Rethgaard.
Rethgaard is old dwarven fortress that once sided with Luskan, thus got plundered by Ruathymi forces.
I was not granted access to it.
Road south (leading to Ottar Jarldom) is blocked.
Nothing of interest.

Fortress Wiltun[edit | edit source]

Map is pointless for such small island.

I believe Wiltun Jarldom has the largest navy in Ruathym (region), despite it's size. It is an island furthest away from Luskan, which might explain above fact... They actually have few skilled craftmens running shops and a Mythal Forge (!) As far as I understand, it was a gift from Mystra's Monolith which dispels any hopes for magic-friendly locals. At least they won't kill you for wearing an enchanted amulet.

There actually is a functional portal, working both ways, to Nes'ek in Khem. Khem is an island on the Alamber Sea. Proximity to Thay isn't heartwarming, luckily I've found no signs of Red Wizard there.

Mystra's Monolith[edit | edit source]

Nothing here

Mystra's Monolith served as home to the mages from Amia and other island. Southport Library probably holds more information about it's fall if you're interested in it's history.

Island of Caraigh[edit | edit source]

Thumb I believe it to be the only place somewhat worth visiting.

It's way smaller than Ruthym or Amia, thus I believe myself to remember locations of any POI.
It might be worth noting that Jarldom of Wiltun encompasses Caraigh.

History of Caraigh begins with Jarl Cabain of Aigheshed and Lord Blackmoor.
They practiced demonology and rituals, until they bothered Demon Lord (Orcus?). Lands were tainted.
Demons and undead are roaming freely. I'm shocked two small human settlements are able to survive on Caraigh.
Lord Blackmoor terrorized many folks into obedience, leaving them psychologically shattered. I've met Father Darias who tries to treat them.
His army consists of many Luskan hunting hounds, raised on human flesh as well as powerful skeletons. Blackmoor himself has risen to lichdom.
He also possess a magical sword of some sort, seemingly very powerful artifact.
We had an expedition to Castle Blackmoor in order to retrieve it (ask Gerald for more details if you're interested).

Other POI on Caraigh are:

  • Aiden's Tower (Aiden is an arcanist specializing in transmutation, waste of time. NOTE: Don't tell that to Gerald)
  • Aigeshed (small village, currently occupied by demons. Summoning circles and sacrificial altar are still intact. Small library, can't focus on finding anything there with demons around)
  • Castle Shadowflame (locals said that Shadowflame Family tried to oppose Blackmoor. Castle seems to be abandoned)



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