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Amia[edit | edit source]

Thumb This journal is dedicated solely to Amia Island.
It's geography, regions, points of interests - everything worth noting.
If you're reading this, know it's a work of Xsantiv, an Arcanist. And I'm probably dead.
I do not intend to write a full book concerning Amia, those are just notes from my field notebook,
put together to assist my mind in handling all new information.
Many maps of Amia I've seen are outdated or flawed in some way.
I've personally traveled far and wide, correcting these maps and marking all useful information.
Below are few I've put together.

Amia Surface Locations[edit | edit source]

Now, this is standard (slightly updated) map of the whole Amia island.
It helps to recognize certain regions and all the landforms but outside of that - holds no information.
This map surely takes more time to adjust your eyes, even for me who worked on it for the past weeks.
I've decided to describe all the regions and mark all points of interests.

Ruathym[edit | edit source]

Thumb Putting map of the whole region together wasn't that difficult,
though as mentioned above, I visited only few islands.
Local maps will need to suffice for the rest.
Not complete, but again - I doubt this region hold much value, so I didn't bother.

It's imperative to mention that people of Ruathym are mostly uneducated brutes, sticking to tradition and primitive believes.
Necromancy? Ha! Even simple tricks with light will make people suspicious and unfriendly.
Magic is not present there at all. For the Nine Hells' sake, you won't even find a magical beasts. Only wild animals roaming around.

Ruathym Locations[edit | edit source]

Map of the part of Ostland Jarldom.
There are few settlements - Osthavn, Ostdur, Havskar and Rethgaard.
Rethgaard is old dwarven fortress that once sided with Luskan, thus got plundered by Ruathymi forces.
I was not granted access to it.
Road south (leading to Ottar Jarldom) is blocked.
Nothing of interest.

Points of Interest[edit | edit source]

Thumb Apparently there is huge number of caves and tunnels
stretching below Amia - sometimes even to the Underdark.
The Underriver connects some of them and I've found a couple or rafters and sailors
willing to take you on their deck if you've got a gold.

More information about the points of interest in: Points of Interest

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